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Animate your application with cleaner state changes and attribute selectors.

Welcome to the world of Function Components! With the addition of Hooks in early 2019’s React v16.8, practicality and minimalism are the focus. How does this influence animation? This blog dives into that concept highlighting how I combined React Hooks like useState() and useEffect() with CSS keyframes and attribute selectors.

After learning React and subsequently eliminating the need for Class Components and lifecycle methods with Hooks, covering animations in this blog is a level-up from my previous — which covered no framework, vanilla Javascript animations. …

Make your application move from scratch — no libraries, no plug-ins.

During Mod 3 at Flatiron School in Chicago, we were tasked with creating our second application combining several frontend and backend technologies including Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails. My team and I opted to build a classic card-matching game with a fun, educational twist (see below for a full demo of our application).

In conceptualizing and designing our game, we wanted to create something stunning — colorful, yet minimal with seamless animations rooted in user interaction.

Prior to building this game, I had only used CSS for…

No framework, no Javascript — just the basics.

During Mod 2 at Flatiron School in Chicago, we were tasked with creating a fully functioning Rails application. My team and I chose to build a solution that could be implemented in a real environment, specifically to enhance communication between players in the trucking industry — brokers, drivers, suppliers, and receivers(or destinations).

Our application allowed for multiple user types, each with different functionality and permissions. For the purpose of this blog, we’re logged in as a broker. Brokers can arrange for deliveries between suppliers and receivers, assigning a unique driver or carrier to each delivery.

We took a simple approach…

The smart generator for an aspiring Software Engineer.

As aspiring engineers and developers, we are constantly absorbing new and useful information. The overwhelming challenge can be sorting through all of this information and finding the important and most useful pieces of the puzzle.

Currently, I’m in Mod 2 of Flatiron School’s full-time Software Engineering program in Chicago. In less than five weeks, we have tackled Ruby on Rails and during this process I found a small piece of this puzzle to be one of the most useful — rails g resource.

The Rails Command Line is a gateway that brings life to the foundation of an app. There…

Full-Time Software Engineer (Remote)

Chicago, IL

1. Orientation

While in pre-work and before day one, your Flatiron Campus Lead will introduce everyone on Slack, including your instructor and other cohort-mates. Rest assured, you will go into your first day already feeling included in an exciting new community! Spoiler alert: No grandiose campus tour or first-day celebration. Given the state of the world, campus orientation is sweet, simple, and virtual. Flatiron makes up for it by creating a remote environment that feels just as intimate yet oddly more satisfying than what would have been a classroom.

2. Mixers


literally no one:

2020: “So, here’s the deal. We want…

Matthew Steele

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